Golden Crystal Kiddush Wine Divider


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Product Details

  • Spiraling Crystal Kiddush Wine Divider & Fountain
  • Large Cup above with the Blessing of “Bore Peri HaGefen”
  • Contains 8 small cups below
  • Height: 10″ inches/ 25 cm
  • Diameter: 13″ inches/ 33 cm
  • Made in Israel
  • Elegant Modern Design
  • Great for Shabbat and Holidays
SKU: WF-40547 Category: Tag:


Radiant Elegance for the Shabbat Table

Introducing our dazzling Golden Crystal Kiddush Wine Divider and Fountain, crafted to elevate the joy of your Shabbat Kiddush & Holidays.

Expert artisans bevel the finest golden crystal into smooth, spiraling channels designed to separate and distribute wine in shimmering streams. As candlelight catches each faceted edge, rainbows dance across the table.

Usher tranquility and awe into the pause between weeks with the our Golden Crystal Kiddush Wine Divider.

An elegant showpiece and easy to clean. Just rinse and dry!

Destined to spark joy and conversation for generations to come.


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