Mezuzot need to be checked twice in seven years in order to insure that they are kosher.

Bringing your Mezuzot

The best and most affordable way to check your mezuzot is to take them all down and bring them over. You may also mail them to us. The cost of checking is $10.00 per scroll.

How Should I Mail Them?

When shipping your mezuzot, please make sure to seal them in a Ziploc bag in order to prevent water or moisture from getting in. Place the Ziploc into a sturdy cardboard box to prevent damage during transit.

Please make sure to include your name, address and contact information together with your mezuzot. We will contact you as soon as we receive them to let you know that they are in our possession.

How Long will it Take?

In most cases, mezuzot are ready to be picked-up by the next day. If received by the latter part of the day, it may take us an additional day.

House Calls

Please contact us if you need special assistance in removing and reattaching your mezuzah scrolls. We are happy to make a house call within Southern San Diego County. There is an additional cost of $180.00 for this service.

What Will We Do?

We will take all of your scrolls down, open, inspect, rewrap and reattach them on your behalf.

What if one of them is not Kosher?

If a scroll or mezuzah case is found to be improper, halakha requires that it be buried. We are glad to take care of that on your behalf, at no extra charge. In addition, we also carry a full assortment of mezuzah scrolls and cases if you are in need to replace them.

Make sure to contact us by phone or email to schedule your upcoming mezuzah check.