Most Synagogues and Temples require Torah evaluations in order to meet insurance requirements. Others require evaluations in order to repair or restore a Sefer Torah to a proper standard of Kashruth.

In both cases, the process for examining the Torah scroll is the same. It involves the thorough inspection of the Sefer Torah in order to assess its quality, condition and value. During this inspection we are also able to assess if the Torah scroll requires maintenance and provide you with an estimate for its repair.

Cost and Report

The cost of our inspection is $280 per scroll. During the course of our examination we document the identity, age, condition and salient characteristics of the Torah Scroll. If you have Torah Ornaments, we can also evaluate these for an added fee of $50.00 per scroll. All of our findings will be documented in a final written report and consistent with insurance requirements.

Insurance Appraisal Requirements

Sifrei Torah are the most valuable and treasured object that we possess. They must be insured with ample coverage against theft, water, fire damage or loss. Writing down an estimated value and paying insurance premiums does not adequately provide insurance coverage for our precious Sifrei Torah. Instead, insurance companies require a detailed appraisal, identification and value of each particular scroll in order to ensure that each individual scroll is adequately covered and is able to be identified.

Evaluating your Scrolls

Sifrei Torah must be appraised to cover their market value. Sometimes, when scrolls are old and decayed, their market value does not cover their replacement value. Then, a decision needs to be done if its proper to insure them for a higher replacement value or not. We are happy to advise you as part of our evaluation process.

Letter of Valuation

Our appraisal report will provide you with a comprehensive inventory and individual assessment of each Scroll. Our evaluation includes:

  • Owner’s Name and Address
  • Identifying characteristics and number
  • Scroll origin and estimated age
  • Style and quality of writ
  • Quality and Type of parchment
  • Scroll condition and current status of Kashruth
  • All external and internal measurements (i.e. size of script, spacing etc.)
  • Photographs of the text, and salient identifying characteristics of the scroll
  • Appraised replacement value or market value
  • Recommended remediation if restoration or repairs deemed required.

The above information will assist you in identifying your Torah’s true replacement value for insurance and or current resale value. It addition, it will also provide you with proof of ownership and help establish a benchmark date for maintenance and the last time the scroll was examined.

Repairs & Restoration

We offer a discounted rate when we evaluate a Torah which requires restoration. Upon decision to proceed with restoration or repair work we will eliminate the entire evaluation fee of $280.00 per scroll if the repair work is $1,500.00 or greater.

Appraisal Updates

We also provide regular updates of existing insurance appraisals. Please be aware; the insurance coverage you should have is one that covers the scrolls wherever they are, including being taken to a retreat, a shiva minyan, etc., as well as in transit. Sometimes, this type of policy is known as “inland marine insurance” or can be a simple additional rider to your existing policy.

Contact us for more information on insurance documentation and fees or to schedule an inspection appointment.