Days of Creation


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This Ketubah has all 7 days of creation incorporated into it, with quotations from the Torah for each day. A marriage is like creation. It is a new beginning. This Ketubah is a meaningful way to honor God’s miracles; The creation of light, the heavens, the seas, the sun, moon and stars, water creatures, animals, man and finally, the beauty of Shabbat, the traditional day of rest.

The text is completely personalized with no “fill-ins,” just right for your upcoming wedding.

Printed on luxurious quality thick archival textured paper using the finest long lasting Giclée inks.

SKU: KETUBAH-214 Categories: ,

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Standard (14" x 16.5"), Classic (18.25" x 21")(+$50.00), Large (22" x 25.25")(+$100.00)


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