Avodat Yad – Black/Black Set


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SKU: RETZ-AYBB Categories: ,


  • Premium Handmade (Avodat Yad) Tefillin Straps
  • Mehudar Black on Black Tefillin Belts
  • Includes Head and Hand Straps
  • Hand Strap Length 15 feet (4.5 Meters)
  • Head Strap Length 10 feet (3 Meters)


These soft handmade Tefillin belts (Retzuot) are produced from the finest top hide reserved for the highest quality Tefillin. They carry the recognized Bet Yosef seal of Kashrut established by Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, confirming that their production is in accordance with the highest standards of halakha.

Note – the straps are painted black on both sides. Although it is adequate for only the upper side to be painted black, today, many have accepted a long-time endorsed embellishment (hiddur) described by the RAMBAM for black paint to be applied on both sides.


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