Ten Commandments Torah Case


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Product Details

  • Exclusive Sephardic Torah Case
  • Ornate 3-D Design of the Ten Commandments
  • Masterfully Plated with 925 Sterling Silver
  • Yad and Rimonim included
  • Prices subject to variation due to the fluctuating price of silver and the Shekel
SKU: TIK2-13 Category:


An artistic and intricately designed Sephardic Torah Case.

The Tik is exquisitely hand crafted by our artisans in our unique 3-D finish.

Masterfully Plated with 925 Sterling silver, the Torah Case displays the Ten Commandments on its outside cover.

The exterior surface is coated with a a tough and resilient crystal protective layer.

This coating is designed to  prevent the silver from tarnishing and to preserve the superb shine and quality for many good years.

Our magnificent patented lock and scrolling system allow you to move the scroll with the ease of one finger.

Ultra Lightweight Torah Case and designed to stand out!


For a quote or more information:

  • Please email us at sofer@sefertorah.net
  • Delivery Time Subject to Availability
  • Allow 3 months for Custom Manufacture


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