Small Mayim Acharonim – Hand Hammered


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SKU: MA-35219 Categories: ,


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Hadad Bros.
Moreshet Silver Collection
SD999 dipped silver
Made in Israel
Plate Diameter: 4 7/8″ inches
Height: 3.5 inches
Moreshet Silver Collection

The Moreshet series is an exclusive Hadad Brothers development since 2011, offering a range of silver pieces at affordable prices accessible to all. The Moreshet series includes Judaica made from a high quality copper inner core and dipped in a silver bath using a multi-layered technique, giving the item thickness, strength and durability. The Moreshet series is produced in Israel by Jewish artists (no need for immersion) through meticulous handiwork, using the same process as the Pure Sterling Silverware, with identical maintenance and cleaning, and these pieces last for generations.

The Moreshet series can be identified by the Moreshet SD999 – Silver Dipped hallmark on the base of each item. Pieces can be engraved with dedications just as pure sterling silver items can be, without harming the thick layer of high quality silver.

The Moreshet series also comes with a lifetime Hadad Bros. factory warranty.


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