Nickel Tallis Clips with Hoshen of Kohen Gadol


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Product Details

  • Keep your Tallit firmly in place.
  • Hoshen Design Tallit Clip with the Breast Plate of the High Priest.
  • Colorful Swarovski gemstones depicting the twelve tribes.
  • An elegant and sturdy linked chain joins together both clips.
  • Made of Nickel, this item will never tarnish, maintaining its original luster and appearance for the lifetime of the product.
  • Great for Bar Mitzvah or Wedding gift!
SKU: TCLIP-45979 Categories: ,


This charming nickel prayer shawl clip will keep your tallit square on your shoulders.

It displays the Hoshen of the Kohen Gadol enclosed in a classic geometric frame.

Made in Israel and packaged in a delightful gift box

The perfect bar mitzvah gift!


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