Men’s T-Shirt Tzitzis with Sleeves


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  • Men’s T-Shirt Tzitzit with Sleeves
  • Great for the hot summer time
  • No Fray Lambs Wool Tzizits
  • 100% Dri-Fit sweat management fabric
  • Made in Israel
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KEEP COOL & DRY with our high-performance, DRI-FIT microfiber, polyester fabric.

DEVELOPED BY NIKE – for active sports wear, this soft textured fabric is engineered to draw sweat and moisture away from the body to the fabric surface, where it evaporates keeping you cool, dry and comfortable.

DRI-FIT CLOTHES – are most effective as a base layer and designed for direct contact with your body. This means that you stay dryer and Dri-FIT’s sweat-managing properties are permanent for the life of the clothing.

LAMBS WOOL TZITZIT – The Tzitzit Tassels with the Hashgacha of BADATZ are tied by Torah observant Jews under the supervision of Rabbi Yosef Elnekave Shlita.

MACHINE WASHABLE – Turn garment inside out.  Machine wash cold with similar color items and hang to dry. Do not Bleach. Do not Iron.

INNOVATIVE DESIGN – In order to preserve the tzitzit strings, we have made pockets, one at each corner. Insert the Tzitzit strings in each corner before washing.





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