Lucious Peonies


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Hand-cut on thick high-quality archival Strathmore 400 paper.

The Peony’s thick ruffled blooms and ability to return spring after spring, for 100 years or longer, gives it magical qualities to the gardener and floral enthusiast alike. Peonies recall many meanings; including romance, prosperity, and good fortune. They are a portent for a happy marriage, riches, honor, and a life of compassion.

The ketubah is completely personalized with no “fill-ins,” just right for your upcoming wedding.

SKU: KETUBAH-104 Categories: ,

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Standard (16" x 16"), Classic (18" x 18") (+$50.00), Large (20" x 20") (+$100.00), Deluxe (22" x 22") (+$150.00)


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