Enameled Aluminum Havdalah Set


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Product Details

  • Four Piece Havdalah Set
  • Beautifully Crafted Enameled Aluminum
  • Includes Cup, Besamim Spice Holder, Candle Holder & Tray
  • Plate Diameter: 9″ inches / 23 cm
  • Height of Besamim and Candle holders: 5.5″ inches / 14 cm
  • Made in Israel
SKU: HS-49735 Categories: ,


STUNNING ENAMEL FINISH – This Aluminum Metal Havdalah Set boasts a beautiful Nutty Enamel finish that adds elegance and style to your home decor.

COMPLETE HAVDALAH SET – Includes a Kiddush Cup, Havdalah Candle Holder, Besamim Spice Holder, and Tray included, this set has everything you need to celebrate the end of Shabbat in style.

TALL & STURDY – The 7 oz Kiddush Cup measures 3.75″ in height.  The Havdalah Candle Holder is 5.5″ tall, and meant to hold a standard braided Havdalah candle. The Besamim Holder is 5.5″ tall  and sturdy and easy to handle.

AMPLE TRAY – The 9″ diameter tray provides ample space for all components of the set, making it easy to transport and display.

GREAT FOR YOU HOME – Whether you’re hosting a Shabbat with friends or simply enjoying a quiet end of Shabbat with Family at home, this Enamel Aluminum Havdalah set is the perfect addition to any Jewish home!







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