Elegant Wood Shtender


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Product Details

  • Wooden Shtender / Book Holder
  • Natural Wood Color
  • Special Engraved Geometric Swirling Design
  • Inscribed with the words “VeHaguita Bo Yomam Valailah” in Hebrew
  • Height: 11.42″ inches / 29cm
  • Width: 13″ inches / 33cm
  • Made in Israel
SKU: SHTN-44661 Categories: ,


Whether you learn at home, at school or in your local synagogue, enrich your personal learning experience with this amazing shtender book stand.

Made from natural wood, this shtender is engraved with an elegant geometric swirling design.

Sturdy and fully adjustable construction.

The Book Stand is inscribed along its center with an inspirational Biblical verse extolling the virtue of learning day and night.

Made with great love and pride in the Land of Israel.

You will enjoy using this shtender every time you learn for many years to come!!!


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