Elegant Embroidered Kittel


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  • Dress in the Purity of our tradition
  • Elegant Embroidered Kittel Design
  • Worn on Weddings, Passover and High Holidays
  • 50% breathable Cotton and 50% durable polyester
  • Machine Washable, Permanent Press
  • Made in Israel
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The kittel is a special white robe garment which carries profound symbolic meaning in Jewish tradition.
It represents spiritual purity as one asks God for forgiveness on the holiest day of Yom Kippur.
Jewish grooms also wear the kittel under the wedding canopy, marking a new beginning.
Likewise, Jewish men don the garment at the Passover seder, connecting to ancestral heritage.
This particular kittel offers an affordable yet elegant option. Crafted from a 50/50 cotton & polyester blend, it is both durable and comfortable.
Equipped with a belt and button closure for ease of wearing, this kittel is machine washable and permanent press for convenience.
Whether seeking meaning, convenience or style, this special robe will always serve you well during the Holidays and special ocassions.

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