Crystal Kiddush Goblet with Saucer


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  • Elegant Crystal Goblet for Kiddush
  • Includes Deep Saucer Plate
  • Stem filled with fine white Gem Stones
  • Imprinted with the Text of “Bore Peri HaGefen” in Hebrew
  • Height: 6.3″ inch/ 16 cm
  • Great for Shabbat and Holidays
  • Made in Israel
SKU: KC-59869 Category:


CRYSTAL KIDDUSH GOBLET SET – Dress up your Shabbat and Yom Tov table with this beautiful matching Kiddush Goblet and saucer set.

CLEAN ATTRACTIVE DESIGN – The kiddush goblet features gently curving sides with clean, graceful lines and an elegant stem filled with fine white Gem Stones at its core.

ACCENTS THE BLESSING – Centered at the top, appear the words of “Bore Peri HaGefen” reminding us of the One Creator of the Fruit of the Vine.

MEETS REQUIREMENTS – The cup can contain 120 ml or 4 oz. of wine or grape juice meeting the proper requirements for blessing before the Shabbat meal.

MAKES A LOVELY GIFT – Make a lovely gift for a groom at a Jewish wedding or even for a Bar Mitzvah boy. This is a gift for life.

MADE IN ISRAEL – A masterfully polished work of Jewish art that will add beauty and style to any home.


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