Garden of Pomegranates


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Discover the beauty within a pomegranate, where countless jewel-like seeds reside.

Just as this fruit is abundant with treasures, our marriage will be rich with wonderful deeds, kind words, and thoughtful actions towards each other and those around us.

Together, we will be like a single fruit, embodying chesed—ready to give and receive the golden gifts of wisdom.

Our love and growth will continue to flourish, as it has from the beginning, and will endure forevermore.

The text is completely personalized with no “fill-ins,” just right for your upcoming marriage.

Printed on luxurious quality thick archival textured paper using the finest long lasting Giclée inks.

SKU: KETUBAH-223 Categories: ,

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Standard (16" x 16"), Classic (20" x 20") (+$50.00), Large (24" x 24") (+$100.00)


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