Silver Judaica

In order to view our magnificent selection of Silver Judaica please select the appropriate category - i.e.   Candlesticks, Challah Boards, Kiddush Cups, Mayim Acharonim, Havdalah Sets, Trays, Torah Ornaments, Honey Dishes, Wash Cups.

Hoshen Gadol
Product ID : HOSHEN-33339
Hoshen Katan
Product ID : HOSHEN-33340
Milano Rikua Wash Cup
Product ID : WC-33449
Kiddush Set for Groom
Product ID : KC-33431
Wash Cup XP
Product ID : WC-33584
Kobiyot Wash Cup
Product ID : WC-33007
Water Drops Wash Cup
Product ID : WC-33006
Drops Liqueur Set
Product ID : LS-33950
Pamonim Konos Kadurim
Product ID : CS-33166
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