Challah Boards

Absolute quality to enhance your Shabbat table. View our beautiful assortment of Challah boards and Challah trays.
Glass Challah Board
Product ID : CHALLAHTRAY-86822
White Laser Cut Challah Tray
Product ID : CHALLAHTRAY-52395
Hand Painted Challah Tray
Product ID : CHALLAHTRAY-89988
Oval Challah Tray
Product ID : CHALLAHTRAY-78570
Rectangular Sliced Bread Challah Tray
Product ID : CHALLAHTRAY-78778
Rectangular Challah Board
Product ID : CHALLAHTRAY-78907
Square Big Challah Tray with Handles
Product ID : CHALLAHTRAY-78910
Shabbat Challah Board
Product ID : CHALLAHTRAY-78906